Comunicado coronavirus cierre temporal hasta nuevo aviso de Templo Bahai Leer Comunicado


The Bahá’í House of Worship of South America opens its doors, welcoming all who wish to enjoy the building and its gardens. To visit the Temple and its extensive areas of native gardens during visiting hours, it will not be necessary to make a reservation, taking into consideration its visiting hours: The House of Worship is closed to the public on Mondays and during the national inalienable holidays.

Additionally, guided visits will be offered for individuals and groups. You can make a reservation on advance by email by contacting or by telephone at +56 2 32209940.

  • Groups of students and professionals in the fields of architecture, engineering and construction which are interested in the architectural aspects of the building
  • Groups which require a guide fluent in Mapudungün, English, Portuguese or other languages
  • Groups of primary and secondary school students who require information or material especially designed for children and youth

The Bahá’í House of Worship is a religious place, open to the public for free. Visitors are asked to dress according to a place of worship, to maintain the cleanliness of the area, and to observe appropriate and respectful behavior towards others.


Photography: Photography will be permitted, except in the interior of the Temple. 

Drone: It is not allowed.

Food and drink: Refreshments will be available in a designated area near the entrance to the gardens, however, eating, drinking or smoking will not be permitted inside of the Temple or its gardens.

Bicycle: It is only allowed until parking area. We suggest that you bring your padlock and chain.

Pets: They are only allowed until parking area. We kindly request that you do not bring pets to the House of Worship.

Silence: Please observe silence inside of the temple.

Closed days:The House of Worship will be closed to the public each Monday and during the national inalienable holidays.


Vista interior del Templo

Diagonal Las Torres 2000
Peñalolén, Región Metropolitana


Phone: +56 2 32209940