Comunicado coronavirus cierre temporal hasta nuevo aviso de Templo Bahai Leer Comunicado

Temple and Community

Temple and Community
Remembrance of God is like the rain and dew, which bestow freshness and grace on flowers and hyacinths, revive them and cause them to acquire fragrance, redolence and renewed charm.


Bahá’í Houses of Worship are meeting places open to all members of society. They invite visitors to become immersed in a beautifully designed environment that combines architectural innovation with delicate gardens and extensive green spaces. The Houses of Worship encourage prayer and promote reflection on spiritual reality and fundamental life themes, including individual and collective responsibility for the improvement of society.


All are welcomed as equals without distinction to gender, age, nationality, ethnicity or creed. This universality is captured in the very structure of the House of Worship, with its nine-sided design, which transmits a sense of plenitude and unity symbolized by that number.

Alongside the construction of these structures, the Bahá’í community has been establishing all over the world, activities serving those of all generations, promoting spiritual and material progress, and inviting all to participate on a pathway to service and shared learning.