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Prayer and Service


Other than being a place for prayer and meditation, the Temple is a place where individuals and groups carry out diverse community activities. Participation is open to all those who are interested in contributing to the progress of society. To participate, you may send us an email at or to the emails indicated below.


Visits to the Temple and Gardens

The Bahá’í Temple of South America and its extensive native gardens is open for visitors who wish to enjoy a serene environment. All people are welcome during visiting hours.

Groups may request a special guided visit by writing to:


Devotional Programs

Readings of the sacred texts of diverse religious traditions are offered regularly at the House of Worship. Quotes are recited or sung without comment or additional explanation. Outside of the hours reserved for devotional programs, the House of Worship remains a space dedicated to personal prayer and silent reflection.

These moments of prayer are also carried out in homes, connecting the essence of devotional programs with the daily reality of family and friends, contributing to the process of community building.



Concern for the condition of native flora in the Andean foothill region of Santiago motivated a small group of friends to begin reforestation activities at the Temple site. Each week they recover seeds, prepare seedbeds, tend to a nursery with more than 8000 native trees, and plant new trees in the foothill area. Working in conjunction with other private and public institutions has permitted the planting of several hundred trees from the nursery in a variety of parks, schools and private homes in Peñalolén.

A growing number of volunteers participate in these activities, including children, junior-youth, youth and adults, Chileans and visitors from other countries. For many of these friends, nature connects with the cultivation of spiritual life while collective service fosters friendship.

Registration for reforestation activities:



For many cultures, singing is a way of reciting sacred texts, expressing joy, and connecting with the Creator. In this spirit, some devotional programs in the House of Worship are accompanied by choral presentations.

Given that the Temple is a space open to these artistic expressions, a diverse group of individuals has formed a choir that participates in devotional programs at the Temple and has presented in neighborhood and community centers in Peñalolén and other municipalities, carrying the spirit of the sacred Writings to diverse locations.

We invite all who wish to participate in this choir, as well as other choral groups who wish to sing in the Temple to contact