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In recognition of the spiritual nature of humanity - and the importance of prayer, meditation and reflection in achieving it - Bahá'í temples, also known as Houses of Worship, have been established in different parts of the world and are open to all peoples for that purpose.

The Bahá'í temples are symbolic buildings where visitors can simply pray and meditate in a serene environment and, at times, listen to sacred writings from the religions of the world being recited or chanted. A unifying concept for each temple is that, in due course, it will be a spiritual centre around which organizations and institutions for social, humanitarian and educational services will be established for the neighbouring population.

Offering an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity to visitors, each temple has its own distinctive design. Nevertheless, each has nine entrances and a central dome representing the convergence of peoples from all directions gathering at one common site. The Houses of Worship are silent places in which prayer, meditation and contemplation can occur without rituals, clergy or sermons. For this reason, they welcome people of all creeds, who will find their own holy books at their disposal. No entrance fee is charged and the Bahá'í community is solely responsible for the construction and maintenance of the temples.

The Bahá'í temples invite visitors to immerse themselves in a beautifully designed environment that blends architectural innovation with delicate gardens and extensive green areas, planned to touch the soul and enable a meeting with God or with oneself.

Currently there are seven Bahá'í Houses of Worship around the world, one on each continent. The last continental temple is the Bahá'í Temple of South America, which is under construction in Chile. The other seven Houses of Worship are located in Australia, Germany, India, Panama, Samoa, Uganda, and the United States.


Bahá'í Temple of Australia

Model of the Bahá'í Temple of Chile

Bahá'í Temple of Germany

Bahá'í Temple of India
Bahá'í Temple of Panama

Bahá'í Temple of Samoa

Bahá'í Temple of Uganda
Bahá'í Temple of the United States
United States

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